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(3) Senior System Administrator @Carrefour Indonesia

Carrefour is currently the largest retail company in Indonesia. I started working at Carrefour Indonesia since 2001, precisely on 19 July 2001. My first assignment was in the Duta Merlin Store, and after that I was involved opening a new store at ITC Kuningan, Jakarta. Then I was transferred to Head Office in June 2004, and involved many projects, one of which is Marcopolo Project (G.O.L.D) in Bangkok, Thailand. And I resigned from Carrefour Indonesia in April 2009.

The main duties and responsibilities are:

System Administrator and Infrastructure
  • Responsibility for installing, maintaining and upgrading HP-UX system server.
  • Responsibility for installing, maintaining and upgrading Red Hat Linux system server.
  • Responsibility for installing, maintaining and upgrading Windows Active Directory.
  • Designs/implements and manages complex local and wide-area networks of machines.
  • Designs/implements and manages Domain Name System (DNS), DHCP servers.
  • Responsible for Data Center daily operation such as backup, monitoring, end to end process to support business operation
  • Ensuring the servers are backed up, and that the server data is secure from unauthorized access
  • Leading Project Upgrade Operating System from HP-UX 11.00 to HP-UX 11.11 all site.
  • Leading Project Upgrade Windows Active Directory system from Windows 2000 Professional to Windows 2003 Enterprise all site.
Application Specialist
  • Application specialist for Pacific IV System (as the core system of Carrefour Indonesia)
  • Responsible for the completeness and consistency of transferring merchandise and purchasing order data between merchandise and store System
  • Application specialist in the migration Alfa (Paradise System) into the Carrefour system (Pacific IV System) project.