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(1) IT Technical Manager @Lintas Bumi Lestari

As the IT Technical Manager for Lintas Bumi Lestari company, I have been responsible for planning and managing all needs related to infrastructure such as operating system, networking and security, database. Manage project resource allocation. Provide direction and support to project team. Implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs. I work at Lintas Bumi Lestari since November 2009 till Now.

The main duties and responsibilities are:
  • Responsible for maintaining the computer systems of a company
  • Responsible for server management including installing, maintaining and upgrading servers
  • Responsible for ensuring the servers are backed up, and that the server data is secure from unauthorized access
  • Perform light programming (usually scripting, which involves writing programs to automate tasks)
  • Designs/implements complex local and wide-area networks of machines
  • Manages a large, complex site or network
  • Initiates some new responsibilities and helps to plan for the future of the site/network
  • Establishes/recommends policies on system use and services
  • Provides technical lead and/or supervises system administrators, system programmers, or others of equivalent seniority